Friday, June 18, 2010

The Flying Carrots of Burlington, Ontario

I got a very complimentary email from the coach of a hockey team of 7 year olds from Burlington, Ontario (isn't the internet amazing?). They wear orange jerseys and have dubbed their team The Flying Carrots. Coach Paul asked me if they could use an image of mine he had found online on some special year-end pucks for the kids and I was thrilled! I asked for three things in return:
1. A scan of the printed puck.

2. A team photo of The Flying Carrots
3. And lastly, because of their proximity to Toronto and my proximity to Washington, DC...they have to root for the Capitals to beat the Maple Leafs at least once next season.
Thanks again, Paul! GO FLYING CARROTS!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shark Week

Last week was officially Shark Week when I painted this offering. Ba-dum, ba-dum, bum,bum,bum,bum,bum... Acrylic on canvas, 10"x 20"