Friday, April 15, 2011

Carrot Ride After Dark

On the heels of Carrot Ride's triumphant exposure in last week's Express, demand for me to make the image available on dark shirts on Zazzle has been overwhelming (are you two satisfied now?). Shamelessly announcing that Carrot Ride is now available on dark shirts. And look how GOOD it looks on the Hipster! 10.40% off this tax day weekend! Click me to shop. Many thanks to Christen for the assist on this. Free shirt to you!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

And what is art?

Caption quoted from today's Express:
"David Hagen's Carrot Ride is part of an Artomatic exhibit at Reagan National Airport...You don't need a ticket to attend the exhibition...which features a large painting of a bunny riding a carrot. Sure, there are other works, but this is a bunny! Riding a carrot! Look at his little bunny face. We're sure the other art is nice, but there's probably only one piece that features a bunny riding a carrot. And what is art? Art is a bunny. Riding a carrot."
I think I might have to make up t-shirts, "Art is a bunny. Riding a carrot."
Coming soon...