Friday, January 30, 2009

Still The One!

Here's an illustration for a brochure I did last summer when gas prices were outrageous. I think we're all feeling a little more than squeezed at this point. It was for an agency who's client was or was associated with Congressman John Hall (who, quite honestly, I know very little about). The Art Director knew an interesting trivia tidbit that I found amusing on some level in that the Congressman was once the lead singer of a group called Orleans who had a couple hits in the mid 1970's called Still the One and Dance With Me. He's the tall bearded shirtless dude in the middle of all the happy shirtless dudes. I think my college roommate had this album and we had a laugh or two at the cover photo back in the day. I believe Congressman Hall's a Democrat from New York and was recently (excuse me)...He's Still the One!

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