Thursday, March 11, 2010

Detroit Tigers

I thought I'd show one of my favorite projects that I illustrated for the Children's Learning Center at the Texas Rangers Baseball Stadium. I was asked to draw eight characters from different major league baseball teams to go on two four-sided, three part mix and match kiosk thingys. Follow? You know, where you can spin the head to match it up with a different torso and then match those with a different leg section for loads of laughs! Hehehe! A (Chicago) bear Cub with (St. Louis) Cardinal bird legs!
It sounded easy until I realized I had to draw a vertical tiger matching up with a vertical marlin, an astronaut matching up with a pirate, etc. Oh, and they all had to have the team's logo or hat and had to be holding a bat or ball. As long as I made the widths of the necks and waists match up, I was golden. Above, is the Detroit Tiger and the tick marks are where the drawing w
as cut to match with the other drawings that I'll post in additional entries. Below, is photographic evidence of one of the two kiosks that kids spun around at the major league stadium.

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