Friday, February 4, 2011

Team Cul de Sac

Cartoonist and friend, Richard Thompson (Cul de Sac), was diagnosed with Parkinson's last year. He's managing things well and his friends and fellow cartoonists are coming together to support "Team Cul de Sac" to donate money towards Michael J. Fox's foundation for Parkinson's research. To donate to this cause, click here. Cartoonists are donating original artwork for a charity auction and for a book that will come out next year with the profits also going to this worthwhile cause. The theme of the artwork is to celebrate Richard's characters and the strip Cul de Sac. I scanned a couple of Richard's strips and isolated each character and assembled them in Photoshop (below) to form an Otterloop family portrait. I then painted them all in acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20." I'll need to find a beautiful gold frame to complete this masterpiece. More to come...

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