Wednesday, November 23, 2011

That new car smell

Here's a new painting commemorating the purchase of my new car! A bright red Fiat 500. It's fabulous and fun to drive and totally discreet (no one notices when I drive down the street). Though, I am afraid of monsters that like shiny red objects.


Carson Wininger said...

Your piece of art is so cute! =) I'm an artist too, actually. Your art style reminds of the PowerPuff Girls. Anyway, good luck on your new Fiat 500! Drive safely. =)

Carson Wininger

Brittanie Holderness said...

Haha, that picture is adorable! I wonder why you chose to depict Godzilla picking up your new car and admiring it. Is it perhaps symbolic of how your car is so awesome that even the fiercest creatures just HAVE to stop wreaking havoc to admire it? Hehe!

Brittanie Holderness

Kyle Schmidt said...

Haha! Funny illustration you have there! :’) As I look at the picture, I try to imagine myself way back when I still had my new car. Haha! It’s really like that. You used to smell and touch it, especially the leather seats and the steering wheel! :p Or, am I the only one who does it? Hahaha!

Kyle Schmidt

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