Friday, June 1, 2012

Meet the Artist Night Saturday

Yes, meet him!
This Saturday night, June 2, 7-9pm.  I'll be there earlier, but probably roaming as I still haven't seen every floor yet, but I'll be on the 8th floor, #256 for sure 7-9pm!
1851 S. Bell St., Arlington, VA adjacent to the Crystal City Metro Stop.


Casey said...
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David said...

David, my wife and baby daughter and I met you tonight and were totally in love with your work! I had to post about you on my sketching/artist review blog over at ... let's connect again soon. Wish you the best (and lots of sales!) at Artomatic this month.

David Hagen said...

That's fantastic!
Thanks for the favorable review!
You have wonderful taste in art.
I'm honored.
(and cute baby)

Anonymous said...

Hello!!~ I went June 1st on a rainy night to see Artomatic. My friends and I had a blast seeing your work. I didn't get to meet you though which would've been cool! I made a little doodle in your guest book and wrote about how I love your work, hehe.

Anonymous said...

It's Jennifer Farris, btw. Forgot to mention that since a bunch of people signed your guest book, lol.