Friday, March 13, 2009

1966 Topps

I'm starting a new project here. Cartoonist Norm Feuti (who draws comic strips Retail and Gill) turned me on to this Japanese "Kuretake" brush pen that's pretty cool. My wife bought me one from DickBlick for Christmas and I've been wanting to try it out. I've never ever drawn with a brush before so it's a little weird, but I thought if I found a little project to work on in my spare time, I would try it out and see what happens. The packaging and instructions for the pen are all in Japanese, so that's a little challenging, but it's easy to figure out. I didn't immediately cover myself with ink, so that's good. The ink flow is really nice and I'm finding it fun.
I've decided to draw a baseball card each week from the 1966 Topps set. This is the first year I became interested in baseball and it's stayed a life long love. The 1967 Red Sox team had a dream season led by captain, Carl Yastrzemski, who was my favorite player when I was growing up. This was my favorite card of his (I didn't put it in my bicycle spokes)! My father would take me to Washington Senators games when the Red Sox would come to DC for a series and Yaz would usually go hitless when I was in attendance (the next night, hit two home runs). Anyway, here's the first card I've chosen to draw with my new pen, scanned into photoshop and colored to closely match the original card. Let me know if you have any player requests! Play ball!

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