Thursday, April 2, 2009


Frank Howard was the hometown hero in DC in the late sixties. He was the league home run leader in 1968, 1970 and at 6'7" , the bat looked like a toothpick in his hands. He was the Senators' All-Star from 1968-1971 and had an "all-or-nothing" powerful swing. They painted a couple seats in the RFK Stadium upper deck where some of his most impressive home runs landed. I remember a funny story when Ted Williams became manager of the Senators in 1969 he asked a sportswriter about the specially painted seats and the writer said that those seats marked where Hondo's tape-measure home runs landed and the unimpressed Williams said, "And what are all the other seats...his strikeouts?"
Howard was Washington baseball and I can still remember watching him towel off the sweat in the on-deck circle in the humid August night.

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