Friday, April 24, 2009

Red Sox Nation

I was amazed last summer when I took my daughter to Camden Yards to watch the Orioles play the Red Sox. She wanted to wear her Red Sox gear and I talked her out of it, simply saying it's not cool to wear "visiting" team stuff to a home stadium. I saw a grandmother pelted with garbage in Yankee Stadium for wearing a Cubs hat (not even in the same league)! Anyway as we approached the stadium, we noticed all the vendors selling Red Sox stuff and everyone milling around had Red Sox shirts! Inside Camden Yards there were 30,000 Red Sox fans and about 5000 Oriole fans. I'd never seen anything like it for an "away" game. A guy standing next to me in the hot dog line in a "Camden Yards/Fenway South" shirt told me that all the games at Fenway Park were sold out and it was cheaper to take the train down to Baltimore and stay the weekend and buy plentiful Oriole tickets to watch their beloved Saux. I ended up buying Paige a Red Sox shirt to put on so she wouldn't be left out! These three cards here were commissioned by Ben Henry. I think I must have met Petrocelli once because I have his signature on an old ball. I think I pestered him while watching batting practice in Fenway Park on a summer vacation trip in the early Seventies. Thanks Ben! I hope you like.

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